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Of Solitude and Beauty

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:16) I bless the camp counselor who first sent me out into “the creation” for a personal quiet time alone.  It was at Camp Michawana in west-central Michigan.  My dad was … Continue reading »

Our Souls Need the Wild

The title of today’s post is from a sticker printed by my long-time creation-care friend Peter Illyn, director of Restoring Eden.  It’s in reference to Luke 5:16 that speaks about Jesus going into the wilderness to pray.  When I looked … Continue reading »

Are We REALLY In Control?

In my last post I stirred up a good debate on the issue of technology.  Although my primary intent was to recommend the use of wild places as a place of retreat from the pressures and distractions of modern life … Continue reading »

Calling Technology's Bluff

One of the values of the wild is that helps put technology in its place.  One way to understand this is to imagine yourself on a remote wooded ridge—say somewhere in the Ozarks.  You’re suddenly engulfed by a violent thunderstorm, … Continue reading »

The Cathedral of Wilderness

Few people fail to be touched by a stunning photo of natural beauty or a gripping verbal description of natural events.  But that is not enough for our souls.  To truly grasp creation’s meaning, one must experience it. The wild … Continue reading »