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The Cedar That Isn’t

Sometimes I pester my botanist friend Lytton Musselman when we are in the field by asking him to tell me the common name of the plant he’s examining. He typically says, “I don’t know; all I need to know is … Continue reading »

The Outdoors Bible

One of the highlights of my travels with RBC’s Day of Discovery team was the opportunity I had to visit one of the few groves of old cedars left in Lebanon: The Cedars of God. As it is with valuable … Continue reading »

Autumn Doxology

I’ve had a long love affair with the maple tree.  It started with the three sugar maples that stood in front of our house in Hastings, Michigan.  One of them was a perfect climbing tree that had a particular limb … Continue reading »

Tree Love: Human and Divine

I’m a tree hugger. I have been from the first time I climbed one as a child. Some minor injuries, however, taught me that trees don’t always enjoy being hugged! How much respect does the Bible teach us to show … Continue reading »

Masting Trees

Edible seeds such as acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, and beechnuts are often referred to as mast. When these trees produce a crop larger than typical, foresters say they are “masting.” Masting among such trees happens every few years. The effect … Continue reading »