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Hersfeld, Posierende Männer der Offiziersschule

Riding Horses

It seems like for years now I’ve been trying to ride multiple horses—sort of like those circus riders who straddle two horses successfully because they can keep them close enough together to avoid falling in a heap between them.  Only … Continue reading »


Saving God’s Natural Systems

If I had my druthers, I’d live in a house with a large back deck that overlooks a wooded marsh with some open water. I could spend my waning years taking in the cycle of seasons and observing the wildlife … Continue reading »

Soils shoot stills 309-1


An important question for you: If you were flying in a bush plane in Alaska, and the plane went down, and you were the sole survivor, and were relatively uninjured, and were three hundred miles from the nearest inhabited place, … Continue reading »

dessert wildflowers

Life Assurance

In a world of constant change—politics, economics, decay, jobs, cultural shift, hardware, software, means of communication—I HAVE to go outdoors. My point-seven-two-mile walk to and from work provides me at least a small daily dose of staying in touch with … Continue reading »


Needing the Lonely Place

Luke 5:16 speaks about Jesus going into the wilderness to pray. When I looked up the verse in my Bible software, I discovered that several biblical translators found in the original language a sense that this was a regular occurrence … Continue reading »