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Animals and the Bible

One of the many key indications of the reliability of the Bible is its addressing the broad span of the reality of life on earth.  I’m only vaguely knowledgeable of the scriptures of other religions, but I think it’s safe … Continue reading »


Time to Change On Climate Change?

  Because there is so much controversy about global climate change in conservative evangelical circles, it seems like a risky issue to address here.  But I’ll be the Guinea pig by telling you how I think about it.  You be … Continue reading »


Global Remedies

  If you’re like me, you’re captivated by economic, political, social, theological issues. I like to contemplate the discovery of grand plans and heroic actions that will save the earth, the economy, the society, the church. Whenever my mind goes … Continue reading »


Is Environmental Concern “Left-wing”?

Environmental issues always have a way of polarizing people politically. Many who consider themselves left-wing and liberal are often opposed to the ethical standards and religious beliefs of conservative Christians. It also appears that issues related to caring for creation … Continue reading »


Is Caring for the Earth Pagan?

Because the earth is an object of worship for many of those given to New Age beliefs and other modern forms of pantheism, it’s logical for them to demonstrate devoted concern for the earth. That’s all they feel they have … Continue reading »