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Animals and the Bible

One of the many key indications of the reliability of the Bible is its addressing the broad span of the reality of life on earth.  I’m only vaguely knowledgeable of the scriptures of other religions, but I think it’s safe … Continue reading »


Creature Praise

I’m not sure how many churches today still incorporate in their worship the traditional “Doxology” sung to the tune of the “Old Hundredth.” It was so common in the past and familiar enough now that in almost any crowd gathered … Continue reading »

Beyond the Joy of Pets

If you continue reading the biblical story about Nathan and David in 2 Samuel 12, you discover another very important understanding about life and death: because of God’s judgment, David and Bathsheba lost the child they conceived in sin, even … Continue reading »

The Joy of Pets

Frisky was by far my most favorite childhood pet. A beagle/fox terrier mix, he was the terror of the local rabbit population—once almost catching one before it ducked into a small culvert. Sadly, his love for chasing rabbits led to … Continue reading »

Do Animals Have Souls? (part 2)

I’ll never forget the almost mystical experience a friend and I had on a July day at the top of Beartooth Pass just north of Yellowstone. We had stopped to see what a couple other folks were looking at down … Continue reading »