Click on the links below and enjoy some wonderful photography.

Some of these sites offer photos and other products for sale. It is not the intent of to advertise but only to provide you with opportunity to experience the wonder of God’s handiwork these photographers have been able to capture and have made available for viewing:

Darrel Gulin Photos

A committed Our Daily Bread reader, world-class photographer Darrel Gulin’s photos have been featured on many of the devotional’s covers. Gulin’s photos, captured in places around the globe, are distributed by top agencies that sell them for use in magazines, catalogs, and other publications. For Darrel, “it’s an extra blessing to capture nature and wildlife on film and show others just how wonderful God’s creation is.”

Photos of Bible Plants

Find a huge collection of photos of the plants of the Bible (and commentary) at the Bible Plants site of Old Dominion University

Hundreds of photos by Dr. Lytton Musselman, a friend of RBC. Internationally honored professor of botany at Old Dominion University, Lytton appeared in Day of Discovery’s “The Wonder of a Tree” series and acts as an advisor to and to Day of Discovery on the plants of all the Bible lands

Alex Soh Photography

As art director and photographer for RBC Ministries, International Operations, Singapore, Alex Soh has literally traveled all over the world building the organization’s stock image library since 1997. His photographs have won numerous international awards and accolades and have been featured on the covers of Our Daily Bread, a publication that is distributed worldwide with a circulation figure of 17 million copies. As an art director, he heads a team of designers from around the world.

Alex grew up in a village in Singapore and his adventures there inspired the creativity that has led to a passion for photography. He has published his first coffee table book Life Touching Moments together with an exhibition in Singapore.

Alex believes that his success is attained by hard work, perseverance, and constantly refining his work. He likes his job so much that when he eats, he thinks of it and when he sleep, he dreams of it. He believes he is the best at what he does—not the best in comparison to others—because he loves what he does and that to him, is the best way to live.

Martha Marks

An extensive nature photo site by the former director of Republicans for Environmental Protection. Trailing along with Martha and her husband on their nature photo jaunts would be a thrill.

Fabulous Nature

Another nature photo site in which the name says it all.

David and Marc Muench


A photographer whose photos have graced my vision for years is David Meunch. His son has followed in his dad’s footsteps, and together they have produced hundreds of awe-inspiring photos. They can be seen in gallery thumbnail prints at their Muench Photography website. Click on each link marked “gallery+”

Galen Rowell


One of the most memorable lectures on photography that I ever attended was one by the “photographer of Yosemite” Galen Rowell—on location next to a mountain stream in Yosemite. Sadly, Galen, his wife Barbara, and two others died in a private plane crash in 2002—about ten years after that lecture [Dean].

“Galen Rowell was a man who went into the mountains, into the desert, to the edge of the sea, to the last great wild places in the world to be absorbed by their grace and grandeur. That is what he did for himself. For the rest of us, he shared his vision with-click-the release of a shutter, creating photographs as timeless, as stunning, and as powerful as nature itself.” -Tom Brokaw, from the foreword of Galen Rowell: A Retrospective

Many of his images may be seen on the Mountain Light Photography website.

Chris Jordan


The Wonder of Un-creation: Amazing images and facts about our consumption of the creation that compel us to ask how much fruit of the creation we can use before we destroy its fruitfulness.  When you go to this site, the key is to keep clicking on the images to make them larger until you see what Chris is trying to picture.

Mike Moats


Mike Moats’ Tiny Landscapes is one of my treasured coffee-table books—and serves as an inspiration for my own photography. You can see many of the images from the book, plus others on his website.

Joshua Roper


Joshua Roper is an avid outdoorsman and photographer. His dad, David Roper, is one of RBC’s long-time writers.

Voices in the Wilderness

“A Prayer For Wild Things”

Another Flickr site with photos of all things wild and wonderful.

Flower Lover’s Pool

This is a Flickr site with over 10,000 contributors! You could browse here for hours.


Richard van Hoesel


These pages contain a selection of photographic images produced by Australian landscape photographer Richard van Hoesel. The images were obtained using traditional large format and medium format film cameras. The large format images are recorded on sheets of film that are 4″ by 5″ (or 10 x 12.5cm), which covers an area about 15x as large as 35mm. They provide exceptional detail and tonal range. The ability to alter the “plane of focus” by tilting the lens relative to the film plane in large format cameras also allows for unsurpassed sharpness from near to far in many compositions.



Guy Tal

About Guy:

I am a full-time photographer, writer, and naturalist living and working in the Colorado Plateau – a scenic and diverse desert region of the western United States spanning an area larger than most countries and states. Over the years, this magical and endangered landscape had not only been my home but also my sanctuary and my main source of inspiration. It is my goal to promote and to share the beauty of the wild, and advocate for its preservation. In wilderness we have been given a gift like no other—a treasure for the soul that future generations deserve to experience in its natural state as we have been privileged to.

I am often asked about the visual qualities of my work and how they relate to the elusive concept of “reality”. I strongly believe that photography is the most restrictive of the visual arts but at the same time also has the potential to make the most impact with the viewer for one simple reason: photographs have a binding connection with real events, real elements, real light, and real moments in time. Any obvious departure from these realities will cause an image to be dismissed outright regardless of any other aesthetic qualities it may possess. The photographic artist’s tools are primarily well-crafted composition and careful adjustments of the captured image within very narrow margins.

My goal is to produce images that inspire without venturing outside the realm of the believable. The ability to imbue a photographic image with one’s personal thoughts and emotions is indeed what puts the “art” in Fine Art Photography. To be clear, my images may well represent a personal interpretation that may differ from, extend, or even alter what others may regard as a strict documentary rendition of a scene. They are to be regarded as works of creative art, though they are always based on real elements and express a real reverence for the subjects portrayed.

Macro Photography (close-ups)


This is Flickr pool of macro photos from almost 11,000 members.  You will be able to spend months on this site and not exhaust it—since new ones are uploaded every day!